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Steel chrome weight operator should pay attention to what

Author :Changzhou Fu Yue Weight Co., Ltd.     Time :2017-11-23 16:37:33     views :2406

We all know about weights, which is a kind of measuring equipment that will be used in the measurement work, especially the research activities in the laboratory as well as some production and processing activities with precise weight requirements. And the weight of a variety of materials and types available for everyone to choose from, we focus today for everyone to introduce steel chrome weight. Operators in the measurement, we should pay attention to how to use it? Do not underestimate the use of weights, and sometimes the difference between the results brought about by the big difference. Steel chrome weight operator should pay attention to what


In the selection of weights, you should choose a reliable product, if the use of quality values are not allowed to measure the weights, the measurement results will have a great error. In this regard, should be given sufficient attention. To ensure the accuracy of steel chrome weight, weight and balance should be inspected at the same time. At the same time make the daily maintenance of the weight, make it often keep clean and dry. For adjusting the weight of the cavity, should not arbitrarily open the adjustment chamber, otherwise easily cause the adjustment scattered, oxidation and misalignment. Some users use personal adjustments to change the weight of the weight value of the weight, which is absolutely not allowed. Some non-users of balance after entering the balance room, just open the weight box, touch or play with bare weights. These are absolutely not allowed. The company is located in:

Above mainly to share with the staff of steel chrome weight operator should pay attention to some of the details, do not bare hands access to weight, a long time, will also affect the accuracy of the weight. There are stainless steel weights routine maintenance is also need to pay attention, do not ignore the weight of the cleaning work, so as to make it long-term use.

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