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Standard weight should be how to choose

Author :Changzhou Fu Yue Weight Co., Ltd.     Time :2017-11-23 16:41:28     views :2554

When we carry out the weight experiment, we naturally need to carry out various aspects of preparation, the first is the preparation of equipment and equipment. In the process of mechanics test, the most common is the weight, so as to be able to achieve quality control. And these experiments are the need for very accurate data, so the selection of the weight, but also has a more stringent standard, then Xiaobian explain to you how to select the standard weight. Standard weight should be how to choose


Any verification activities are inseparable from the standard equipment, the identification of the scale is inseparable from the standard weight. For the intermediate level, ordinary level scales for the calibration of the standard weight error should not be greater than the corresponding scale weighing the maximum allowable 1/3. This requirement is the test of intermediate, ordinary level scale selection of the basic criteria for weight. Select the standard weight is the first step in the verification work. Select the standard weight must be clear test points and test points corresponding allowance, and then calculate the allowable standard weight to select the standard weight to meet the requirements. Generally should be based on the actual situation at work and work units to select the standard weight. The company is located in:

The above is the relevant knowledge of the standard weights selected, I believe we also understand this knowledge. Because the weight is iron material, so in order to be able to use our life, naturally requires a more detailed maintenance, stainless steel weight is, the quality is very vulnerable, I hope the above knowledge can be for you help.

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